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Some Real Reviews from Paying Customers
Meka Diamond

"I really enjoyed the film so I can only imagine young adults. The Godly principles as well as the every day life challenges that young adults face were clear in this film. I enjoyed seeing how the devil played the mental game and how the Lord got the glory in the end. This is a much needed film to showcase and others to witness..."  

Pastor Heidi

"Wow...this is such a good film! I love the themes and even what she did at the end...great film for kids..."  


"This film is so good! I think adults can watch this film and get something from it...."  


"Man, I enjoyed this movie! It was a great video, ant the animators did a great job...Looking forward to the sequel!"  

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"I enjoyed the characters! This film is inspirational ......"  


"The world has so many animated films out there that inspire children to look or be a super hero, but this film actually introduces a cute little girl who embraces the supernatural power of The Holy Ghost...."  


"SJ did such a good job with this film...I was blown away by the overall production value of it. For it being a student film, SJ really pulled off a decent package...I would love to see it as a series..."  


Join JS as she shares stories of her life and adventures in the supernatural town of Antioch--in Audio form!!  

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I may be 'new' to the Producing game, but ambition and determination has been a main staple of my personality, probably, from Day 1.  As a former military soldier, I set my goals and go after them.  However, even with all that, I am what I am today because of the gifts GOD has bestowed upon me. Because just having greatness is not enough; it's what you do with greatness that separates you from the masses.  What are you doing with your greatness?" -Be Inspired. SJ 

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