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About SJ & The History of SJHP

About SJ

If I were to tell you my whole testimony, you would probably think I am lying. However, it has given me the unique edge on how to craft life stories with a humorous twist.  Using my life's background, and being a perpetual "student" has helped craft unique stories in a  way which brings the bible to life.  Most people look at the Bible as ancient text, and can't see how it is relevant to them--then and now.  With my background, as well as my gift in storytelling, I look for unique ways to tell stories so you can see GOD in a way you've never seen Him before.  I have authored 4 (or was it 5? I've lost count) books so far, and am now working on another book about my crazy, zany, supernatural life! This one will be a "must read." All of my books are available on Amazon.  I'm proud to say I did my first ever, animation project called, The Misadventures of Judah’sWord & Friends, a spin off of the children's book I wrote.  You can only find that one here on my website.  Check out the website and visit our store- Ja-Bee Cre8tives for unique stories and products!


On January 03, 2014, SJHP was founded and incorporated in Little Rock, Arkansas by SJ Harnsberry.  SJH Productions is a Christian-themed Arts and Entertainment Company, which promotes and produces films, TV series, magazines, books, clothing, animations, and entertainment events for the entire family.  Its child company,  Judah’sWord Media Entertainment, LLC. , was recently incorporated on September 16, 2021 to house the children films, media and entertainment. Ja-Bee, a non-incorporated section of SJHP  is basically the "store" of SJHP.  Its core function is to simply provide products and services to offer "free" media content on the other two sites, as I believe that films cannot be done without money.  Your support of Ja-Bee helps us to continue bringing forth great content for the website.  



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