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Hello and welcome to my site! I'm SJ, the Founder, Producer and director of SJ Harnsberry Productions and Judah'sWord Media Productions.  Let's connect!

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My Background

SJ Harnsberry is the Founder and CEO of SJ Harnsberry Productions, LLC (2014), an Entertainment Production Company, which produces inspirational films, TV series, magazines, books, clothing, and other entertainment events, and Judah'sWord Media Productions (2021), which showcases children's films, animations, books, etc. 


SJ has the unique experience of having attended several theology “schools” a total of four (4) separate times, each time, graduating with honors, and being the cornerstone of how her films are developed.  Each film or video project comes from a Christ-centered, biblical theme, which she feels is truly underrepresented in Hollywood. 


SJ graduated at the top of her classes from University of Central Arkansas with a B.A. in Digital Film and an MA in Film & TV Productions at Regent University in Virginia Beach.  She is currently pursuing an MFA in Screenwriting.


She is the author of four (4) books--Kingdom Rule & Reign, a book which explains the concepts of prayer and taking authority over your “spiritual garden”; First-Fruit Principles, a book which gives the reader insights into the concepts of the “firsts” & the “law of first mentions”; Judah’sWord’s Unusual Holiday, a children’s fictional book on how to deal with the “monsters” in their room and the basis of her animation film, The Misadventures of Judah'sWord & Friends, which tells the story of a young superhero girl who opens herself up to the spirit of pride; and The Garden Life, a nonfiction book on marriage and how it strongly correlates to worship of GOD.


She is the Editor-in-Chief of Judah'sWord e-magazine, a Christian Magazine which ministers spirit, soul & body to women; the producer of a Youtube series called SJ's Talk Radio, and her media programs are either aired LIVE on her Facebook page and Youtube page, or pre-recorded.  


You can connect with SJ via her Youtube Channel: Judah'sWord Inspirational Channel, her Twitter feed: IATE6, or her Facebook page: Judah'sWord Magazine.

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