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Telling Stories with Heart.

The Mission

When I first started SJ Harnsberry Productions, it was created as an LLC in Conway, Arkansas on January 03, 2014, to be a Voice for telling great stories that were inspirational, as well as a great place for those in the Church, to have a platform where they can watch or listen to shows promoting The Word of GOD. 

To my surprise, not only has it continued to grow and expand, we recently had to create a subsidiary platform for children (Judah'sWord Media Productions)!  Now, in 2022, SJH Productions has returned back to its roots and is solely focused on telling stories with heart.  SJHP is the independent arm of the business and uses this platform to promote inspirational films, books, shirts, and other items, a well as a place to collaborate with other Artists to help produce their inspirational films and products. 
Our mission is to create entertainment products and media that honor and glorify The MOST HIGH GOD.  PERIOD.

We invite you to join us in this journey as we bring back entertainment that exhorts our audience and tell GREAT STORIES. -Be Inspired. SJ

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